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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Birth Doula actually do?

As a Doula, I use my wisdom and experience to support you mentally and physically through your prenatal and postpartum experience, your labour and your birth. This is called 'continuity of care' and has been found to be a vital ingredient in happy, healthy labours, births and babies.
During labour I will support you in many practical, emotional and spiritual ways such as massage, breathing, acupressure and relaxation and comfort techniques. I will suggest optimal labour or birthing positions, ensure you are well fed and hydrated and offer guidance to your partner or family members. These are just a few ways I will support you during your labour, but there are so many others and they all depend on your wants and needs.

How is a Postpartum Doula different to a nanny or babysitter?

A nanny or babysitter cares only for your children, a Postpartum Doula cares for both mum and baby in the tender and sometimes trying time following birth. This means that along with helping you become the best parents for your baby, your Doula is also knowledgeable about your special needs in the postpartum period and is able to facilitate a smooth emotional and physical transition to new parenthood. Postpartum Doulas are also trained in lactation and breastfeeding support, newborn care and healing after birth. We can provide the non-judgmental, nurturing support and encouragement you need.

Where do you offer support?

I offer birth services to families in the Wairarapa and Wellington. I offer my postpartum services to families in the Wairarapa.

What does it cost?

Please contact me for package prices. If you’re concerned about cost but are still interested in having me as your doula, please get in touch as I offer specific packages to families with Community Services Card. Family members and friends can also purchase packages as baby shower gifts.

What’s the difference between a Midwife and a Doula?

Our attention and support are completely with the mother, catering to her wants and needs and offering mental, physical and emotional support.
A Doula advocates for your choices and will support you to make empowered and informed decisions as to what feels best for you in each moment.
Midwives on the other hand have medical training and during the birth process, focus on delivering a healthy baby. They make sure you’re medically safe and Doulas make sure you have a good time!

What is the evidence for a doula-assisted birth?

Compared to national averages, the research indicates families who have doulas have:
• Shorter labours
• Fewer medical interventions
• Lower cesarean rates
• Healthier babies
• Happier mothers
• More positive birth experiences
There are no documented negative outcomes associated with Doula-assisted labour and birth.

Want to learn more about why Doulas are beneficial?

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