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Birth Support

What we can do for you

To allow for a wonderful birthing experience

As a birth doula, I support the birthing family regardless of where they choose to give birth. I provide prenatal support to help families create their desired birth plan and when in labour I work hard to ensure your labour and birth goes according to your plans, or as near to it as possible. During childbirth, I will offer suggestions that increase your endorphins, and help you find relief through relaxation techniques, massage, positioning and other comfort measures.

It’s important to note that not all births will go according to plan, but the role of the doula in these situations is to educate, advocate and empower the birthing woman so she understands her available choices so she can make informed decisions. When the birthing woman feels empowered and well informed, it lessens her fear and feelings of powerlessness which increases her positive perspective of her birth experience.

Basic Birth Package

2 prenatal visits (1 hour each)

Full birth support

1 postnatal visit (2 hours)

Full Birth Package

2 prenatal visits (1 hour each)

Full birth support

12 hours postnatal support (4 x 3 hour sessions)

Postpartum Support

How we can help you

While you navigate the shape of newborn life

Growing a baby is hard work, it is physically and emotionally tiring but nurturing and caring for a baby outside the womb can be even more physically and emotionally exhausting. This is where the support of a postpartum doula is essential. As a postpartum doula, I offer services that support you to rest, bond with your baby and recover from pregnancy and birth. Having the time and space to properly heal from birth strengthens maternal mental health, parent-child and spousal relationships.

Below are a few ways I can support you and your family as a postpartum doula:

  • • Breastfeeding support
  • • Newborn support- so you can take a break, have a nap, a shower or anything that will help you rest and recover.
  • • Assistance with newborn care
  • • Help with other children
  • • De-brief your birthing experience
  • • Be someone you can chat to in complete confidence
  • • Light housework and tidying
  • • Meal preparation, or I can cook your meal for you so you don’t have to do anything!
  • • Run errands
  • • Share useful information
  • • Connect you with other groups or people that can support you on your parenting journey

Minimum of 12 hour commitment Sessions are in 3 hour increments

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