What our clients say about our services...


Jodine + Steve

Calming prescence and constant positive assurance

“My wife and I hired Sadie Prestidge as a doula to assist with the birth of our first child. Having her present to support us during labour was invaluable.

Sadie provided strong emotional support to both my wife and I, as well as massage and acupressure to my wife during labour.

Sadie’s calming presence and constant positive assurance helped my wife deliver our daughter naturally, without the need of an epidural or c-section.

As an only child with little to no interaction with babies, I was keen to hire Sadie in case I panicked and was unable to support my wife during labour. As it turned out, I was fine. But I attribute a lot of that to Sadie’s constant reassurance. Being based in the Wairarapa was not a problem because Sadie’s communication was great. Prompt, clear replies and a well managed plan to get to Wellington Hospital for the birth.

We are pleased to unconditionally recommend Sadie to anyone wanting support during labour.”

Lizzie + Ben

I couldn't have done it without Sadie

“Sadie was our doula for our second baby. At my first birth my husband and midwife were present. With baby number two I knew my husband would be thinking about the needs of our eldest child, as well as supporting me. I had done a little bit of reading about the role of a doula and thought it could be good to have extra support.

Reflecting back on the birth I couldn’t have done it without Sadie. She was awesome! The birth was short and intense and Sadie kept me calm and relaxed throughout. Coming from Featherston to Wellington Hospital wasn’t a problem, we called her in the middle of the night and she met us at the hospital. Throughout the labour Sadie was calm, relaxed and softly spoken. She encouraged me the entire time which kept me motivated and was a contributing factor to not needing any pain relief.

I really appreciated her gentle massage and her support and advice to my husband too. I had my husband on one side and Sadie on the other. Sadie also encouraged me with phone calls and communication prior to the birth which helped get me into a positive mindset.”

Renee + Jerome

I always felt heard and cared for

“My postpartum experience was so different this time, second time around, and this was in a large part due to the support that Sadie gave me and my family.

I was always so well fed and hydrated on the days Sadie was here, it was such a pleasure to have someone nourish me as I was nourishing my baby. She always made extras of whatever I asked her to cook so I wouldn't have to worry about it the following day, which was such a blessing.

Each day that Sadie came around was different, as no two days with a baby are ever the same and she always seemed to provide exactly what I needed on any given day.

She really took care to understand the dynamics of the family and each member in it. My 5 year old daughter loved her! She has so much knowledge to share, but at the same time works with how you personally want your postpartum experience to be... which in my case was by following Ayurvedic principals.

Due to tiredness and postpartum hormones I found that I experienced anxiety about different things on some of the days... Sadie was always a loving and attentive ear, and I always felt heard and cared for...which eased most of my anxieties and allowed to get on with enjoying motherhood!

Sadie is an absolute gem...my family and I will always be so grateful for the support she gave us. I would not hesitate one bit in recommending anyone to hire Sadie for their postpartum experience... it is more than worth!"